Publish a rakkup Guidebook

Calling all authors and publishers, aspiring authors and area experts, and professional guides! You don’t have to miss the guidebook revolution. You can use our tools to create and sell content via rakkup even if you’re not a programmer or a GPS wizard.

If you have written or published a climbing guidebook, or are the acknowledged expert about your local crag, we at Outdoor Geeks want to hear from you! Your knowledge can go digital, help the climbing community, and put money in your pocket. Guidebooks for rakkup can cover an area as small as a single alpine route or a few boulders, or as big as a national park, and you can sell them at a price you set.

We know how to take advantage of mobile technology to make great apps, and we are experts in distributing and selling rich, beautiful, searchable content. Our web-based tools make it incredibly easy to turn your knowledge and existing intellectual property into a rakkup guide. In just hours you can organize your text, images, topos, and drawings into a database designed and built for mobile use. With an inexpensive handheld GPS, a little hiking time, and our web-based map-building tools you can add a trail map with turn-by-turn navigation.

We can get your content in front of users and handle payment and distribution, allowing you to focus on producing detailed, up-to-date content that climbers need and love. Together we will bring the community climbing guides, reinvented.

Please contact us and let us know at what climbing area(s) you’re the expert and how we can reach you!